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Moiré Marketing Partners is a strategic branding and design communications agency that specializes in creative marketing for law firms, educational organizations and associations.

Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Moiré has a staff of strategists, designers, writers and developers all working together to build brands and shape experiences, with one common goal... you. Call us and "see how we listen."

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A Brand Doesn’t Just Happen

The tagline and the brand that's been built around it was developed through a process–and a fairly long one, at that. It most likely entailed numerous interviews in focus groups with athletes and aspiring athletes to understand...

A Good Reputation is Good for Business

What is reputation management or what we at Moiré like to refer to as a "brand ambassador?” There are a number of keys to developing strong client relationships, but one of the most important is becoming a “trusted advisor.”

March Madness as a Form of Client Education

Most people eagerly anticipate March's arrival. The days get warmer, cherry trees bloom, the sun still shines in the later in the afternoon and you can hear birds chirping for the first time in months.

That’s A-Moiré: Moiré to Sponsor the 2019 LMA National Conference

Moiré is heading to HOT-lanta on April 8. Get your swag on and pick up a famous doodle pad, or just say hello!

Can I Tell You a Story?

Successful marketing is all about the ability to tell good stories. Most companies work to get their name and capabilities into the marketplace by connecting with their audience.

Proud Sponsors: 2018 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Moiré will be attending, speaking and sponsoring the LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on November 1, 2018.

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