The Future of National Security

A brand system that is both relevant in the 21st century marketplace and true to the organization.

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LAW FIRM: Hausfeld

Level Playing Field

A living and growing brand system for a global antitrust firm keeps up with their evolving innovation and leadership.

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Higher Ed

UNIVERSITY: George Washington University

Front Row Seat

One of the nation's best has partnered with Moiré for over a decade to create digital experiences, videos, recruiting campaigns, view books, progress reports and alumni magazines.

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LAW FIRM: Miller Starr Regalia


Reposition, rebrand and redesign. A dynamic website and a brand promise that units the firm who writes THE BOOK on real estate law.

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Purple Papers

Thoughts, insights, news, blogs, tips, and other cool stuff.

The Importance of Brand Discovery

If you ever built a house, you understand the importance of designing the structure or floor plan with an architect before laying the foundation.

Use Your Bio to Address What’s Important

Most potential clients’ first interaction with a lawyer is through the law firm’s website and their individual bio page.

What Your Law Firm Needs is a Web Strategy

Your website is the single most important component to your law firm’s marketing communications efforts. Period.

Who Really Wants To Be Educated About Marketing?

Think about the last time you asked someone for advice. What was it about the situation or person that caused you to seek advice?

Avoiding Bad Marketing Investments

Like your finances, your firm’s marketing efforts should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your short- and long-term plans are in order.

Digital Trends That Are Making An Impact

Do users even care about web design? That’s easy. A recent study in showed that 75% of your web visitors will judge your credibility based on web design. So yes, staying on top of web design trends is important.

We’re Proud to Call Them Clients

Let us add your logo, and we’ll make you proud too!