ASSOCIATION: National Asphalt Pavement Association

The Road Ahead

A rethinking the of the typefaces, colors and imagery made it clear that the brand components and design system reinforced the NAPA brand.

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LAW FIRM: Traub Lieberman

We Do That

The comprehensive branding through colorful imagery, bold typography, and a sophisticated design.

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Higher Ed

UNIVERSITY: George Washington University

Front Row Seat

One of the nation's best has partnered with Moiré for over a decade to create digital experiences, videos, recruiting campaigns, view books, progress reports and alumni magazines.

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LAW FIRM: Miller Starr Regalia


Reposition, rebrand and redesign. A dynamic website and a brand promise that units the firm who writes THE BOOK on real estate law.

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The Future of National Security

A brand system that is both relevant in the 21st century marketplace and true to the organization.

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LAW FIRM: Sandberg Phoenix

Law Unfiltered

A disruptive brand that re-examines traditional business models to create innovative legal services.

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Purple Papers

Thoughts, insights, news, blogs, tips, and other cool stuff.

Can I Tell You a Story?

Successful marketing is all about the ability to tell good stories. Most companies work to get their name and capabilities into the marketplace by connecting with their audience.

What Is the Lifespan of a Website?

When working with our clients and occasionally during pitches, we are often asked interesting and thought-provoking questions. 

Boost your law firm’s brand

To build a memorable brand that inspires confidence and trust, you need to know what is unique about your law firm and then pinpoint why that matters to clients.

A Brand Doesn’t Just Happen

The tagline and the brand that's been built around it was developed through a process–and a fairly long one at that. It most likely entailed numerous focus group interviews with athletes and aspiring athletes to understand...

Avoiding Bad Marketing Investments

Like your finances, your firm’s marketing efforts should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your short- and long-term plans are in order.

The Importance of Brand Discovery

If you ever built a house, you understand the importance of designing the structure or floor plan with an architect before laying the foundation.

We’re Proud to Call Them Clients

Let us add your logo, and we’ll make you proud too!