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Solo Marketer: The Jack Or Jill Of All Trades

Are you a solo marketer? Then you realize that you’re expected to be a “Jack or Jill of all trades.” A solo marketer’s role is everything from business development to website updates to public relations to managing graphic design (not to mention helping about every one with their individual marketing needs) and typically with a smaller budget and not as much support.

No doubt this can bring stress and cause apprehension about the firm’s long-term viability.

With so many things on your plate, how can you maximize time and budget? How can you execute the law firm’s best plan for success within the tight boundaries of time and money? 

Here are some tips that can help you, as a solo, keep your law firm on track – while keeping your sanity. 

Focus On Content 

One of the most effective, means of solo marketing is to focus on content. Having outstanding content that engages your current and potential clients not only establishes your firm as an authority in the industry, but it’s now one of the best ways to increase your Google rankings. 

Though it’s not inexpensive, creating superb content is still a far more effective marketing strategy than some costlier techniques such as pay-per-click (PPC) and analytics. If you feel you don’t have the time or writing skills to craft great content, a good marketing agency can connect you with a talented professional. 

Find a Good Marketing Agency 

Every firm, regardless of size, should seriously look into partnering with a marketing agency to handle at least a few big-ticket tasks, like website design and maintenance or marketing plans. But you, as a solo, could really benefit from an agency's support more than others by using their services as your personal marketing assistant.  

Not only can an experienced marketing agency take on the project more effectively and efficiently, they are often willing to negotiate a fee structure that matches your budget.

The best agencies will create marketing strategies tailored to your unique needs. Of course, this means you must know the wants and needs of your target market, and how your products and services will satisfy those needs. A great marketing agency can assist you in identifying these, if you need help. 

Use Social Media 

Social media has given individuals the power to express their voices in far-reaching, impactful ways like never before. 

But don’t forget that social media does the same thing for businesses, too. And it’s one of the most affordable ways to get your message out to your target audience. 

That is why it is vital for you to have social media pages for your firm – on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter – as these platforms provide boundless opportunities for your company to engage with different audiences in a direct, personal way. 

Separate Marketing from Business Development 

Marketing is all about making consumers aware of your existing products and services. On the other hand, business development is the process of identifying new markets, creating a new business model, and creating new products and services. 

Understanding those distinctions will help you focus on both of these practices as separate entities rather than combining the two, which can confuse your goals and make your solo marketing efforts far more difficult. 

Recognize the Benefits

Although a solo’s role can be chaotic, being a department of one also has its benefits. For example, you have less red tape and more control. It’s much easier to affect change and implement your brilliant new strategies with you representing the department as a whole. 

Not to mention, a solo gains direct exposure to all facets of the firm – leadership, practice sections, and partners. You can use these benefits to your advantage to do things like shape your own job description, work directly with senior management, and lead the firm’s best practices. 


There is no magic formula for successful solo marketing. But by focusing on the important strategies listed above, it is totally possible to implement an effective strategy that will help accomplish your goals. 

Remember that a marketing department of one is a unique situation that not many others have a chance to experience. It’s not about looking at what you don’t have within your firm, but looking at what you do have – and how to be the most efficient with the talent and resources you are presented with.

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