IMAGINE. Then Rise.

Nationally recognized and highly ranked as one of the top business schools in the country, the CU Executive MBA Program is a multi-campus program offered jointly by CU's three graduate schools of business: Colorado Springs, Denver, and the Leeds School of Business in Boulder. When CU needed to elevate the marketing and advertising for their Executive MBA program they turned to Moiré to create "buzz". Starting with the trademarked tagline IMAGINE. Then Rise. Moiré rebranded and implemented all of CU's marketing collateral, print and online advertising, outdoor and transportation hub advertisements, and an award-wining responsive website. "You can see the future you want. Now take the steps to make it happen… IMAGINE. Then Rise."

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CU's EMBA website reflects the programs intergated branding approach, creating energy with vibrant colors and pictures, user-friendly interface, alumni success stories and case studies, and online registration—all built using open-source PHP CMS to match CU's main schools website CMS—to work seamlessly with CU's existing sites and databases.

Personalized Marketing

Each time a student contacts the CU regarding the Executive MBA program, they have the option to receive a brochure that contains information that is customized to that individual students needs and requirements. This on-demand printing and mailing is possible by using a variable digital process, allowing the university to send a personalized message and information to each student without printing until the order is placed.

These unique touch points add to the student experience early in the recruiting process and supports the programs overall commitment to excellence.

Moiré not only delivered creative solutions, but they helped us to think differently about our overall marketing and recuriting strategies.

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