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The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) has been the one-stop resource for educational programming, risk resources and networking opportunities for public sector risk managers for four decades. Their mission is to promote effective risk management in the public interest as an essential component of public administration. PRIMA’s members coordinate risk management, purchase insurance, manage human resources, administrate safety and environmental programs, manage labor issues, handle parks and recreation programs and much more.

Moiré supports PRIMA's mission by elevating their brand and telling their unique story in creative ways. Throughout this 10 year relationship, Moiré has help shape and create (and recreate) PRIMA's entire suite of membership materials, communications platforms, and each year's annual conference marcom materials.

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Staying Ahead

Moiré designs and produces PRIMA's 10 issues a year membership magazine Public Risk. Each issue trys to convey the importance of the topics discussed to help public risk managers stay ahead of the challenges they face. Moiré combines photo's and illustrations to help reinforce the message of each article, emphasising the risk and dangers for all urban or rural municipalities across the country.

We have been working with Moiré for more than 9 years and have relied on them to guide us through all of our marketing communication needs. 

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