Refresh, redesign and rethink your publication's marketing strategy.

Moiré is a national leader in magazine design and production for higher education and other learning institutions.

With over 20 years experience working with institutions across the country, Moiré's in-house resources can design and produce any size and style publication your school may need. Using the latest technology and best practices in both the creative and fulfillment stages, Moiré can deliver cost-effective publications that will make your school proud. 

  • Dedicated digital and print designers
  • Photography and videography
  • Copywriters and editors for higher education
  • Advertising coordination and sales
  • Customized printing and fulfillment solutions

Award Winning Design

Magazines have an advantage when targeting a specific audience. That's why great design is critical to their success. Moiré can help your college or university boost its readership and subscriptions with award-winning design, targeted content, advertising sales, experienced print management and reliable distribution.

Recruit Students and Stay Connected with Alumni

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Let's do this!

We care about your privacy and won't give your information anyone. Ever. Promise! We’re good like that.

Moiré exceeds our expectations in delivering excellent work that actually moves the needle and delivers results… they never let us down.

Let's do this!

We care about your privacy and won't give your information anyone. Ever. Promise! We’re good like that.


What We Do

By offering award-winning creative, targeted content, advertising sales, and printing and fulfillment solutions, Moiré is recognized as a leader in producing university magazines and publications. 


Moiré creates brand experiences for universities and institutions that are ready to embrace change and rise above the noise.


These days, marketing plans for publications need to include big data, personalization, and integrated print-to-web strategies.


Every school should include an integrated digital communications plan for all magazines and publications.


Print magazines and annual reports are not dead. Tell your story with a comprehensive results-driven print strategy.