The law firm of Paley Rothman unveiled new logo

Paley Rothman has quickly earned a reputation as one of Maryland's law firms of distinction. And now their new, updated identity reflects the law firm's growth and cutting-edge knowledge of the law, yet still embraces the sophistication that makes Paley as worldly as their Washington D.C. metro area clients. To go along with their new brand, the law firm of Paley Rothman hired Moiré Marketing Partners to create a new logo and stationery suite.

Clients have come to rely on Paley Rothman to identify and address the salient issues, analyze and interpret complex information and develop and implement solution-oriented strategies that protect their interests and ensure their long-term success. It is that problem-solving perspective, combined with a legal sophistication and a unique understanding of the ever-changing business landscape, that enables Paley's lawyers to assist clients in achieving favorable results.

Client: Paley Rothman

Expertise: Branding

Industry: Legal,Professional Services

Services: Branding,Identity