Dynamic Campus – What’s Your Dynamic?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Dynamic Campus is the leading strategic partner in higher education, providing leadership and results-driven customized services to more than 60 colleges, universities and learning institutions across the country. Dynamic Campus provides critical leadership and results-driven execution, effectively creating, implementing and managing essential campus infrastructure, human resources, administration, and reporting systems—integrated to work together to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Moiré refined and focused Dynamic Campus’ core brand message. Because they provide a broad range of services and solutions to higher education it was important to make it clearly understood to key decision makers at each institution that no matter what their unique challenges Dynamic Campus has the expertise to help solve them. Moiré established a new and relevant brand for the Dynamic Campus website, using cutting-edge technology in responsive design (media queries), as well as designing and deploying multiple direct mail and advertising campaigns to get Dynamic Campus noticed by its sophisticated target market.

Client: Dynamic Campus

Expertise: Digital

Industry: Higher Education,Technology

Services: Branding,Websites