Niles, Barton & Wilmer

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Niles Barton & Wilmer started in 1838, and their energy and innovative thinking creates the momentum that keeps them moving forward. While we’re an established firm with a long-standing history, they’re also constantly evolving, taking a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to the way we practice law, develop solutions and serve clients.

"The new website designed by Moiré captures the essence of who we are and makes it easy for clients to select our law firm to represent them."

– Joel D. Hesch, Esq.


The Hesch Firm

Niles, Barton & Wilmer 

Niles, Barton & Wilmer Launches New Website

“Firmly Grounded. Highly innovative” – Moiré worked with Niles Barton to create a new brand, new website and tagline.

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