ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership

When ACTION reached out to Moire Marketing they knew that their online presence needed improvement, but where to start?  To uncover that answer we needed to go through a marcom audit, discovery and competitive analysis, to thoroughly understand ACTION and what drives them in their mission. It quickly became clear that the faces of ACTION and their passion for improving lives needed to be in the forefront of the new brand and website design. Together, we strategically identified who the target audiences were and what key information needed to be showcased. By creating features like interactive maps, and the Accountability Tools section, the website can now quickly and effectively provide information on all active campaigns and their progress. With so much data to keep track of, we customized the Open-Source/PHP feature-rich CMS platform Expression Engine, enabling the ACTION team to easily make daily news and campaign updates. Moire also developed a mobile strategy designed to keep important information at your fingertips with easy to use mobile-friendly navigation, search options, and more. 

ACTION is a partnership of locally-rooted organizations from around the world that advocate for life-saving care for millions of people who are threatened by preventable diseases. Over the last six years alone, ACTION partners have helped bring billions of dollars to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, Malaria and the fight against malnutrition.

Client: ACTION

Expertise: Digital

Industry: Associations & Nonprofits

Services: Websites