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Can I Tell You a Story?

Posted by Erin Lum on August 22, 2017 in Medical Services , Professional Services

Successful marketing is all about the ability to tell good stories. Most companies work to get their name and capabilities into the marketplace by connecting with their audience.

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Business Development, Marketing, Social Media 

How Professional Services Firms Can Thrive In Online Communities

Posted by Jessica Trice on July 12, 2017 in Business Development , Marketing , Social Media

When most professional service firms think of social media, they envision Facebook and Twitter followings. Then again, how many new clients have you gained from these social channels?

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Build your brand and business with alumni programs

Posted by Jeff Roberts on July 21, 2015 in

In a competitive economic climate, firms need to capitalize on any edge they can. They are finding rich resources leveraging their alumni network. Alumni programs have become a crucial way for firms to develop new business, strengthen their brand and recruit the best.

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Are you Choosing a Prince Charming or a Frog?

Posted by Lilli Ceaser on June 07, 2012 in

Dating! Some do it for fun and others do it in search of love. There’s a saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you can find your Prince. Unfortunately, some of us have had to kiss more frogs than others...

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