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A Lesson Firms Can Learn From Super Bowl Advertising

Posted by Jeremy Hoders on February 01, 2016 in

As the NFL’s Super Bowl approaches this weekend, the game will draw millions of viewers. Many will be tuning in strictly for the TV commercials, with the game being secondary.

"Close to 50% of viewers tune in to actually watch the commercials, more than they watch the game," said Stephen Master, vice president of Nielsen Sports media research.

Many will be preparing their lunch programs or happy hour events following the Super Bowl, like the old Ad Club’s “Between Downs”, where they will share the super bowl commercials and discuss the marketing and advertising impact on consumers and the brands themselves. 

Similar to previous years, there has already been significant marketing buzz around the advertising, like this year’s Jeep ad, Doritos “Ultrasound” and Amazon's debut in their first Super Bowl ad ever. It used to be that the anticipation for the ads was the appeal to consumers and brands bought into that. However, consumers love to know what to expect on game day and brands recognize this. These brands strategically look for ways to capitalize on these expensive media buys and activate the ad in ways that reach an audience outside the TV market.

The average cost for a 30-second spot during this year's game costs a cool $5 million. That's an average of $166,666 per second. This is simply the media buy and does not include the cost to produce the ad. For most brands, this is a one-time investment—certainly not economical from a media buying perspective. Therefore, in order to get the most out of their investments, brands are reaching out to their audiences before the Super Bowl through multiple touch points such as viral videos, social media, interviews with newspapers or publications, word of mouth, etc. They will most likely continue using these touch points after the big game, as well.

These days, it is no longer acceptable to consider Super Bowl advertising as a one-shot deal. From a cost/benefit perspective, most brands (but not all) will lose with this model. It is far more efficient and strategic to capitalize on the TV spot and leverage its importance across other channels in order to maximize exposure.

The lesson for professional services firms:

While a certain marketing or advertising tactic may seem important to the firm, think about how that branded medium can be implemented in other ways to help maximize touch points with your audience. Take a look at your marketing budget and allocate dollars appropriately to maximize your planning. A marketing plan will help your firm stay on target and focused on the objectives at hand.

If a new website is in the firm’s budget, consider how your branded website can carry elements to other marketing mediums creating touch points essential in getting your firm’s brand on your prospects’ consideration sets. For example:

  • Responsive, mobile ready website
  • Viral videos that create awareness and drive visitors to your site
  • Introduce the website at an industry event helps to draw in your audience
  • Speaking opportunities to help create awareness for firm and website
  • Thought leadership articles or blogs that carry a similar tone – repurpose!

You should never just make a big marketing investment and then sit back hoping results will happen or objectives will be met. Be proactive. Be an advocate of your brand, creating touch points that push and pull clients and prospects with your marketing.

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