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Build your brand and business with alumni programs

Posted by Jeff Roberts on July 21, 2015 in

In a competitive economic climate, firms need to capitalize on any edge they can. They are finding rich resources leveraging their alumni network. Alumni programs have become a crucial way for firms to develop new business, strengthen their brand and recruit the best.

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Print Designers are Alive!

Posted by Dallas Gotschall on March 23, 2015 in

Despite sweeping changes in the print landscape, the debate of whether print is dead will be around ad infinitum and has created a riot of controversy between print literary aficionados and bloggers.

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Information Architecture: The Most Important Part of a Website

Posted by Dallas Gotschall on February 09, 2015 in

Would you start building a house without an architecture or floor plan? I would hope not. And the same goes for building a website.

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Why Firms Should Develop a Strategic Plan

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 16, 2014 in

When I work with firms, which profess to have strategic plans, I find it bewildering that they often are stored in the management teams’ drawers and rarely are implemented. I scratch my head and ask why bother expending the energy and time if there is no system created to implement the plan.

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The Importance of Brand Discovery

Posted by Candis Roussel on July 16, 2014 in

If you ever built a house, you understand the importance of designing the structure or floor plan with an architect before laying the foundation. If you are an attorney, you understand the importance of doing some discovery about your client and case before presenting to a judge.

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Are you Working in a Mad Men Environment?

Posted by Jeff Roberts on May 13, 2014 in

Can we learn anything about account management from AMC’s Mad Men? The focus of business in Mad Men is profit-driven and centers on the ‘what, when, where and why,’ with regards to client needs - not the ‘who.’

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Websites: Owner vs. User

Posted by Jeff Roberts on January 08, 2014 in

What we know now about website design compared to a few years ago, is that more focus is given to user experience not owner experience. Seems obvious, right? Well this is easier said then done.

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Success By Committee

Posted by Candis Roussel on December 03, 2013 in

A well-run committee is critical to the management of any organization or firm to get work completed efficiently, effectively and creatively.

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Running to Stand Still: Meeting Marketing Deadlines

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 17, 2013 in

Take a look at almost any case docket and you will see, among the pleadings and briefs, plenty of continuance motions. So rarely in court does something that’s supposed to happen actually happen when it’s supposed to.

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Is the Client Always Right?

Posted by Erin Lum on October 28, 2013 in

"If the Client Was Always Right, It Wouldn’t Need an Ad Agency." Traditional advertising agencies walk a fine line when it comes to “The client is always right.”

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