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Solo Marketer: The Jack Or Jill Of All Trades

Posted by Connie Haeder on April 05, 2017 in Business Development , Marketing , Social Media

A solo marketer’s role is everything from business development, to website updates, to public relations, to managing graphic design and typically with less budget and support.

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To Engage Your Audience, Drop The Filter

Posted by Jim Garzione on March 03, 2017 in Marketing , Social Media

It’s been said time and again – the good thing about the Internet is that everyone has a voice. But the bad thing about the Internet is that everyone has a voice. We’ve entered a lightning-fast new era where direct, unfiltered communication rules. Period.

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Spotify: A Business Opportunity

Posted by Jeremy Hoders on August 15, 2012 in Business Development , Client Service , Marketing , Social Media , Websites

Are iTunes, Pandora and so 2010? Like many around the world, I am a big user of iTunes and I have the premium version of Pandora. BUT, Spotify has given me immediate access to new music, with the opportunity to share with my friends.

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Social Media: A Field of Dreams?

Posted by Jeremy Hoders on January 05, 2012 in Business Development , Client Service , Digital , Marketing , Social Media

A huge misconception of social media is that if you build it they will come. This is not field of dreams. In addition, joining social media networks is not like advertising.

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